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30 July 14


The concept is bizarre, combining a building material from the time of Julius Caesar with a Jetsons aesthetic, but the approach has already worked before.

This newly-revived technique could provide low-cost housing for refugees and displaced people, and generally provide architects with a cost-effective way to explore convex construction.


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28 June 14
31 May 14
Gretsch Good Enough

Gretsch Good Enough

1 April 14

High five. #BaseballsBack


High five. #BaseballsBack

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30 March 14


Beautiful bicycle with sprung steel wheels, made by UK based designer Ron Arad.

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Double O Magnetic Bike Lights (2014) by Paul Cocksedge

A simple, safe and secure solution for everyday biking.

Bike lights come in all shapes and sizes but none as practical and as stylish as Double O’s. They are as much a part of your bike as you are.

Double O bike lights have magnets inside so putting them on and taking them off is hassle free. Fix the polycarbonate mounts onto the bike frame with the nut and bolt provided. Push on the back Double O and snap on the front Double O and the magnets inside will securely hold them in place.

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11 February 14


Sreamline in cars and other transports

  1. 1930-Henderson-art-deco-custom
  2. 1935 streamlined tankers. Gilmore and Texaco Doodlebug
  3. 1939 ZIS-101 Sport coupe
  4. 1941 Chrysler Newport 
  5. 1937 Front Quarter, Alfa Romeo 6C 2300-B Pescara Berlinetta
  6. 1938 Phantom Corsair (3)
  7. 1937 Lancia Aprilia Berlinetta Aerodinamica
  8. 1936 Delahaye 135M Figoni and Falaschi Competition Coupe
  9. 1932 Zeppelin motor car ~ Norman Bel Geddes 
  10.  The Bugatti Atlantic owned by Ralph Lauren

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5 February 14
24 November 13


This concept computer-of-the-future by designer Jakub Záhoř allows the user to operate the device anywhere they can find a glass surface. The user simply attaches the central unit to any glass surface like a window or coffee table, switches on the power, and watches their system light up before their eyes. The display appears as an interactive hologram on the glass that the user merely has to touch to operate. It also makes for an easy, take-anywhere way to project photos and presentations or stream movies. Windex not included.

Designer: Jakub Záhoř

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster - Created by Sophia Del Plato

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh